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  • How long does garlic last for?
    This depends on how you store it. Storing your garlic in a dark, dry place will see your garlic lasting for months on end. However, choosing to store your garlic in the fridge or freezer will see the life of your garlic, plus the taste diminish, and will last between two week - one month.
  • How do I store my garlic?
    There are a few ways that you can store your garlic properly to ensure that it will not lose its flavour or decrease its lifespan. Room Temperature - the BEST way and what we recommend. Try to keep the entire garlic bulb whole and unpeeled - this goes for cloves too. The easiest way to store fresh garlic at home is at room temperature in mesh bags.= in a dark, dry place. The ideal temperature to store garlic is about 15–18°C (60–65°F) in mild humidity. The garlic will keep for months. Refrigerator Garlic can be stored in the crisper of the refrigerator. Please be aware that cold garlic will start sprouting a couple of days after its taken out of the fridge. It is still edible however, it's not ideal and offers a slight bitter taste. Therefore, if you decide to store it this way, ensure that you are ready to use it once you remove it from the fridge. Leftover peeled or chopped garlic should be put in an air tight container and refrigerated. It will last up to two weeks. Freezer Peel the cloves, mince the garlic, add a little bit of water and freeze it in ice cube trays. Those who have store garlic this way find that it isn't as tasty as fresh garlic. The garlic will last up to one month without losing flavour. When stored properly, garlic can keep for months.
  • How can garlic be used?
    Roast It! To roast garlic, simply place your bulbs or cloves into a baking dish with some olive oil and place it in an oven at approx. 175°C for about 30-40 minutes. Once it's cooked, cut the tips of the bulbs and cloves and squeeze the soft garlic out. Alternatively, you can separate the cloves and peel them first, before cooking it in the same way. Pickle It! Simply follow the same process you would to pickle any vegetable. All you'll need is a jar, salt, vinegar and of course, your garlic! Pickling your garlic can increase its lifespan up to several months - bonus, right?! It does have a down side though. Pickling tones down the flavour of garlic however, it is a delicious ingredient to add to a number of dishes, like salads, stir-frys and of course hummus. Dehydrate It! Use a food dehydrator. Just peel the cloves and cut the garlic into nice thin slices. Place the slices in your dehydrator and cook them until crisp. Alternatively you can use an oven. Just place some baking paper on a tray, place the slices on top and cook it in for about 30 minutes at 45°C. Store the garlic in an airtight container at room temperature for several months. You may even like to use your dehydrated slices to make some garlic-infused oil. If you choose to do this, be sure to store it in the fridge, where it can last up to three weeks.
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