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Garlic At Bawley (est. 2021) is known for its very popular, organic garlic. Located on the east coast of New South Wales on our farm in Bawley Point, our garlic is grown with passion and expertise, using only the best sustainable organic methods. 


With so many different imported garlic on the market, wanting to purchase local produce, plus our added love of garlic, it was only natural that we planted our own. With many Australians looking to buy from and support Australian-owned businesses, and because we know just how good our garlic tastes, we thought we would share it with you. That's when Garlic at Bawley was born.


At present, we grow Russian Garlic, also known as Elephant Garlic. We love growing this culinary garlic as it's so versatile. This wonderfully mild flavoured garlic is exactly what you need - it's perfect for all your culinary and growing needs (yes, we also sell seed stock garlic too!) as it can be eaten raw in salads, roasted and sauteed.

When you buy garlic from us, you are assured of the best garlic that is local and 100% organically grown. We are passionate and dedicated to growing the most sensational garlic that not only tastes wonderful but is good for you too.


So, why not give Garlic At Bawley a try - we guarantee you'll be coming back for more.

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